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About Cherry Bomb
Kyle Estrada​

Diesel Mechanic​

About Cherry Bomb
Tom Gray

Maintenance Mechanic

About Cherry Bomb
Randy Wallace​

Automotive Tehnician​

About Cherry Bomb
Keanu Banks​


About the Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb® manufactures high-performance exhaust systems, including mufflers, exhaust accessories, racing mufflers, and mandrel-bent pipes for trucks, SUVs, muscle cars, street rods, hot rods, and rat rods.

Since 1968, Cherry Bomb Exhaust has been “Disturbing the Peace™” with products like the Cherry Bomb Glasspack®, Cherry Bomb Vortex®, Cherry Bomb Pro®, Cherry Bomb Extreme®, Cherry Bomb M-80®, Cherry Bomb Salute®, Cherry Bomb Turbo®, and high-performance exhaust kits. Cherry Bomb exhaust systems deliver aggressive, loud, throaty, and mild tones, while enhancing fuel economy, horsepower, towing capacity, and overall appearance.

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